• darkblurbg
    Current Work
    "Breaking the Rules"
    October 6th - December 2023

    Arts of the Albemarle
    516 East Main Street
    Elizabeth City, NC 27909


Artist's Statement

The artist statement is rendered from many sources but my interpretation is:

Art is a collaboration between the heart and the mind in an effort to expose a piece of the soul. Art must be the interpretation of each artist and some will express emotions through realistic interpretation and others through abstraction.

Learning to express our true self through art is like searching for a treasure. It is the endless search where challenge and frustration must become our daily friends, to delve deeper within the subject and to find those things which excite our imagination and help us find the treasure within.

Only with knowledge can you be free to express yourself. The fundamental building blocks provide the foundation for all good art, and they will be the friends that accompany us for the entire painting journey. The journey, if entered into with an open heart, will be a journey of self-discovery, where individuality is nourished and finding the place within you where true art begins.